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When the holidays are over, and all is back to normal most families get ready for a new school year and it’s important for children to re-establish their sleeping pattern after a couple of weeks of going to bed late and waking up late.

According to AJC.com lack of sleep contributes to a wide range of woes, including an impaired performance in school and behavioral and emotional problems.

Here are pointers on how you can get you kids back to their sleeping schedule: 

- At the beginning of the school year, it’s exciting to see all the great activities and opportunities available to children but be careful not to over-commit. Evening activities and homework are commonly cited reasons for a lack of sleep, especially among teenagers. 

- Redevelop a consistent pre-bedtime routine. The body needs time to shift into sleep mode, so spend the last hour before bed doing a calming activity such as reading, taking baths, and listening to music.

- Avoid TV, Web surfing, video games, physical activities and sugary foods or drinks before bedtime.

- Place a clock in your children’s rooms and inform them of their wake-up time. Ask them to stay in the bed until that time each morning.

- It can be tough for kids’ bodies to understand that it’s time to go to sleep if parents or older siblings are still being active or loud so try and maintain a quite environment when they are sleeping.

Switch off or Dim the lights. 

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