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Back to school
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The new year school resumption is always a rush for most parents because they wait until the last minutes to actual get their kids ready for "Back to School". 

The back to school doesn't only affect the parent but it affects the child as well. Parents have to start doing the back to school shopping kids might need new projects that they should have prepared for the new grade or even the stresses for the ones who will starting a new school or those who are repeating a class. 

Here are Tips on how to overcome the back to School Rush:

- Start preparations in advance - This will help you know how much money is needed for back to school and you can start purchasing before all the money is spent during December holidays.

- Have a to do list - This will help you be at ease and know which tasks should be performed 1st and are most important. 

- Check last year's left stationery - This will help you save and not to repeat what your child already has

- Stock up stationery before January- Shopping for supplies solo may be faster but taking your kids along is the better bet.

- Sign Up for school activities the previous year - Whether it's sports or ballet, these programs will keep your kids active with something to do after school.

- Practice the morning Routine - A week before school begins, start waking up (you and the kids) earlier. It helps make the transition easier.

Figure out what works best for your kid and your budget: should they bring a lunch every day, or does the cafeteria have healthy, cheap options?

And it also important to make sure your child knows the plan for getting home safely from school. Whether it’s the school bus, you are picking them up, a friend picking them up, or another option, it’s important for younger children specially to know exactly how they’re getting home.

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