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Changing schools can be a very stressful time for your child and it is very important that parents support their children in such changes.

Parents can easily brush off the impact changing schools has on their kids however it may negatively affect the child’s progress in his or her studies.

It is important for parents to instil confidence in their children. If your child is confident, it is easy for them to communicate with their peers therefore making it easy to interact and make new friends.

Never change who you are trying to fit in is the best advice a parent can give their child.

Smiling goes a long well in making one seem approachable. Encourage your child to smile.

Always make sure you make eye contact with other people.

For children, the scariest part of changing schools is not knowing anyone.

Changing schools is not easy and you will feel a bit strange at first, but just go slowly getting to know people, and join in groups or clubs inside and outside school.

Another way of coping when you move to a new school is talking to your teacher and the other kids if you need help. They will help you if you ask and it's a good way to get to know others.

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