6 months ago
Making friends at a new school is never easy.  ~ 

Changing schools can be exciting sometimes, however, it is often difficult for a lot of pupils as they have to make new friends and get used to new teachers and their different teaching styles.

The thought of sitting alone during lunch time, not having anyone to talk to in class when the teacher is out, is almost every pupil's nightmare.

Its important for kids to make friends as soon as possible after changing schools as this helps them settle into their new environment and makes their learning that much easier.

Here are a few tips on how to make friends at school.

  • Sit up front, this will make you more visible to the entire class.
  • Participate actively in class, this makes the other learners take notice and remember you.
  • Get the teacher's attention as often as possible, this will have them saying your name in class a lot, it will stick to most of the learners.
  • Pay close attention to your class mates.
  • Make conversation with your class mates.
  • Participate in extra curricular activities.

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