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TODAY, two people will be infected with HIV or a sexually transmitted infection before the end of the day,
according to world statistics.

We favour observing our physical needs and neglect our sexual responsibilities.

Most women are still not raising the issue of condom use with their partners.

Talking about sex is about respect and responsibility for you and your partner.

It really pays to think about protecting yourself from STIs, HIV and unplanned pregnancy.

Reasons women do not talk:

- fear of losing financial assistance

- teachings that say it is not “their place” to “speak up” and protect themselves

- uncomfortable talking about sex

- fear of rejection

- fear of violent reaction

Talking about condom use can be difficult and awkward for anyone, which is why it is important to keep in mind that talking about it is not an issue of you not trusting your partner.

It is more about respecting each other enough to protect each other.

Sisters, it’s your right to use contraceptives during sex.

And it’s also your responsibility to ensure that your partner uses protection at all times.


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