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Relaxed Eyebrows
Relaxed Eyebrows  ~ 

A lot of African women of colour have been letting go of the relaxer and embracing their knots and this trick of relaxing thick curly brows sparked a lot questions. 

A UK YouTuber by the name Dolita took to Twitter to post before and after picture of her eyebrows before and after relaxer to show the difference in texture.

A lot of Twitter users questioned this as it seems that this chemical concoction might be making a comeback as people are sported with their relaxed eyebrows on social media.

Dermatologists say that the use of relaxer can result in chemical burns if extreme caution is not adhered to. Our eyebrows are different from the hair on our head and would require less time smothered in relaxer to become straight. If left on too long, not only could you skin become really irritated but you could also lose your brows altogether.

Most comments were against using relaxer on your facing, with some stating that relaxer has been linked to predispose to fibroids hence its prevalence among the black population.

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