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Sneakers are one clothing item that are best known to be worn with jeans, leggings or trousers.

But now, wearing sneakers with dresses is becoming a huge trend.

This cute trend is one that breaks all the fashion rules, but sometimes breaking rules does work.

It is very easy to get this new trend wrong, so here are some tips on how to do it right.

Wear white sneakers

Wearing white will almost sneakers almost give off a neutral flair. You really want the focus of your outfit to be the dress and not the sneakers. Different colour sneakers may work if the sneaker is the same colour as the dress such black on black or olive green on olive green.

Keep it simple

The more simple the sneaker the better. Wearing sneakers with a lot of details can make your outfit look messy. Go for sneakers that have the label and stitching of the sneaker all the same colour.

Wear secret socks

It really does look unflattering wearing sneakers and a dress and we can see your socks. Your sneaker on your outfit is your accessory, let the focus be on just one accessory – your sneakers. Wear secret socks so we do not see your socks.

Flirty meets chunky

Floral dresses are really in season as well as chunky sneakers. The contrast of the two works and it looks really cool like you know your fashion and have impeccable style.

Keep accessories minimal

Pair on a denim jacket and a small handbag or belt bag with a pair of sunglasses. Try to not overpower your outfit with many accessories, as the accessories on your outfit should be your sneakers.


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