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It's the season to get jolly and celebrate and that means many will be having alcohol here and there.

Sometimes you might overindulge and wake up with that dehydration and your body feeling cut, but your face is suffering.

Wake Up your face with cool\cold water

Turn the water to cool, or fill a sink and splash cold water on your face. The low temperature will help diminish redness and tighten pores. Plus, you might actually feel awake.

Take some antioxidants

Alcohol might make you lose a lot of energy and not only that but even you dignity. Look for a serum that contains vitamin C or vitamin E—Zeichner likes the Flavo-C Serum. 

Take some Painkillers

You probably have a go-to for a headache. But this time, go with aspirin. Avoid painkillers you're not supposed to mix with alcohol. Aspirin helps has anti-inflammatory qualities that will help keep puffiness and redness in check.

Fix your breath

You're so focused on your eyes (and your headache) that you risk forgetting all about your sour, post-bender mouth. Chances are, you didn't take great care of your teeth before bed last night. Now you have an epic case of morning breath.

Put on your basic make up

When it comes to the rest of your makeup, you can pretty much do what you would normally do. Some advice, though: the eyes are the part of your face that are most likely to give away your chaos from the night before, so it’s a good idea to draw attention away from the upper part of your face.

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