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Khloe Kardashian (left) and Khanyi Mbau (right). Photos from Instagram  ~ 

The Fishnet trend started creeping up slowly about two years ago, where fishnet was seen in typical stockings worn under jeans and as socks. 

But now this diamond-shaped knit is seen and worn as a body suit, and I'm still indecisive if it works or not. 

Fishnet is traditional worn as stockings under a dress or skirt. They are seen as a fashion statement in mainstream fashion as they have add a pop of accessory to an outfit. 

In Goth and punk culture, Black and colourful fishnet are worn on your legs and arms. 

This popular undergarment is also associated with female sexuality and lingerie. 

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see fishnet stockings are burlesque dancers. 

I've recently spotted local Actress Khanyi Mbau and American Reality star Khloe Kardhashian wearing fishnet bodysuits. 

Both women look very sexy and classy in their body suits. They both give the illusion that they look naked but are not. Both Fishnets are layered under a nude fabric supported by the fishnet fabric on top. 

I must say, one has to be VERY brave to wear such an outfit. You have to know why you're wearing this outfit because it just screams SEXY!!! If a sexy look is what you're going for, Rock it but if it's not maybe just wear fishnet as stockings and not a bodysuit. 

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