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Research shows that a lot of women aren't wearing a bra that is a correct size for them and when it comes to lingerie, size does matter. 

Wearing a bra that is your size can help you clothes fit better and make you feel more confident. 

Here are signs that you are not wearing the correct bra size:

  • You are getting marks or indents from your underwire
  • The straps are cutting into you or slip off your shoulders
  • The band across the back rides up and is not sitting level
  • You can't tuck two fingers underneath the back of the band comfortably
  • There is gaping or puckering in the cup area
  • There is overflow in the cup area

- Under band - if your underband is riding up your band or pulling away from your body, its too big. 

- Underwire - your underwire should fully encompass your bust, sitting around but not on it. 

- Center - it should sit flat against your chest and if it should fit comfortably and not too tight. 

- Cups - if your boobs are spilling over and create a double bust, you should probably go a size bigger.

Here are the types of bras that you can wear depending on your breast shape and outfit.

Push up bras do exactly that – lift and enhance your cleavage by pushing your breasts up and closer together. They are padded with foam or silicone gel on the underside of the cups which give the appearance of a fuller bust-line. 

A wire-free (or soft cup) bra is usually unpadded and without any underwire, so is extremely comfortable and fuss-free – perfect for people who don't like to feel restricted.

A t-shirt or contour bra has been designed to give a smooth finish and go invisible under body hugging outfits while also providing definition, shape and support. Slender or bell shape breasts will both benefit from the supportive qualities, but it is really a must-have in every woman's lingerie collection as it is a practical choice for everyday wear.


Underwire bras provide support and a natural looking lift and shape, so are quite possible the most popular style of bra. They can be padded or unpadded, depending on the result you are after, and are suited to most breast shapes and sizes, including tear drop, round and bell shaped.

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