SLEEPING disorders are very common in human beings.

From sleepwalking and sleep-talking to sleep-driving, these disorders have a new addition called sexsomnia.

According to Healthline magazine sexsomnia, like sleepwalking, is a type of parasomnia.

It’s the result of your brain being caught between sleep stages. This in-between phase may make you act like you’re awake when you’re still asleep.

According to sleep experts, people with sexsomnia experience sleep-related sexual behaviour.

These behaviours range from masturbation to sexual intercourse.

Many may be forgiven to assume that sexsomnia is similar to having a wet dream, but these two are totally different.

People with this disorder engage in sexual behaviours while asleep, often with other people.

According to experts, the difficulty with parasomnia, like sleep sex, is that the person with the disorder may not realise they have it.

Treatment for underlying sleep disorders or behavioural issues may treat sleep sex, too.