SUMMER is upon us! What with the weather patterns indicating that the sun has come out to play.

While the heat tends to dictate how we engage in certain activities, the sun often plays a crucial role in what we do during this season.

And, one of the things we tend to ignore is sexual activity.

Unlike in winter, our sex drive tends to drop during summer because of the heat.

Sexologists agree that sex needs not be determined by the weather. And if you want to be creative with your sexual activities this summer, sex experts agree that ice cubes can do the trick.

According to FabFitFun, using ice during tlof tlof can make your pleasures even more exciting.

According to the publication, these are some of the ways one can use ice cubes during sex:

1. The hot and cold effect

While you’re giving your partner oral sex, rub an ice cube along their stomach and inner thighs. This creates a beautiful sexual contrast between hot and cold, which can turn them on.

2. The nipples effect

Nipples are very sensitive, and tracing ice cube over them while you kiss her can really turn her on.

3. Cold lips effect

Foreplay plays an important role during sex, and one can use ice to wet and cool your mouth. After that sexy scene, immediately turn your lips to oral sex. This, much like the hot and cold effect, creates that sexual contrast.

4. The cool touch

According to many masseuses, cold baths and sonars are great for relaxing your muscles. Sex experts also recommend ice massagers as they get the nerves revved up and senses perked.