Mzansi’s sexiest podcast is back again with yet another exciting episode.

This week our hosts Gomie Seabi and Mlungisi Mpela, as well as online dating experts, will be discussing the good and the bad of cyber dating.

Are you looking for love and are keen on trying online dating but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Mlungisi said: “I’m really excited about this week’s, episode particularly because online dating is something I’ve been keen on exploring.

“We’ll speak to two women who created a comprehensive dating platform called the bumble app, and they’ll be sharing the inspiration behind it, as well as how they got to be the first dating app to be registered on the stock exchange.”

The talented presenter said the creators of the app said it’s completely safe as it has background checks, compatibly and indemnity settings.

Co-host Gomie said she’s not a fan of online dating but shared some tips on how one can be safe while exploring.

“Honestly speaking online dating isn’t for me, but I think one can ensure one’s safety by not giving away too much personal info,” she said.

“Also, try to do a deepdive into the person’s profile to see if they’re really catfishing you and check out their other social media accounts.”

Gomie said although it’s never guaranteed you can find your match, it’s possible to find the one.

“Many people have shared success stories of how they found love online and through their stories I believe it’s possible,” she said.

Speaking on her journey of hosting the podcast, Gomie said: “This is my first time hosting a show. I’ve never done a broadcast and I’ve been enjoying myself and learning a lot. I hope for the podcast to grow so we can reach a far wider audience.”

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