It comes as no surprise that people will do almost anything for sex and it has been scientifically proven that that is how that brain is wired. 

A study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that the brain is hard wired to tell lies to potential sex partners.

The study states that in a world of seemingly abundant mating opportunities, competing for a partner has become a challenging endeavor. In this climate, people do the best they can to attract desirable partners.

Investing effort in making the right impression plays a key role in the success of their pursuit. 

More than 600 heterosexual students from a university in central Israel participated in the study and interacted with members of the opposite sex and 5 different study methods were carried out on different individuals.

The study found that ‘When the possibility of sex looms, people are more likely to change their attitudes and engage in deceptive self-presentation,’ said researchers with the University of Rochester and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel. ‘In other words, they conform, embellish, and sometimes lie.’