SOME people get angry when their lovers go to strip clubs.

Sociologist and author of Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment Dr Chauntelle Tibbals said strip clubs are not essentially bad for relationships, but she instead emphasised the importance of communication regarding this outlet.

“If you’re keeping anything a secret, from ice-cream to porn, there’s a reason you’re keeping it from this person,” she told

Tibbals said concerning strip clubs, men attend for various reasons, from fulfilling a fantasy to loneliness, while some people just feel more comfortable in sexual environments as opposed to a coffee shop.

“This can be especially true when the loneliness emerges from something regarding a relationship or sex,” she said.

Meanwhile, a bride took to Twitter to say if the groom celebrated the final days before the start of married life at a strip club, she would call off the wedding.

She said she’d even walk out on the relationship if he tried to go against her wishes.

The woman wrote: “If my fiance goes to the strip club for his bachelor party to enjoy ‘his last night of freedom’, I will simply support him by giving him all the nights of freedom because I will be cancelling the wedding.”

The SunTeam asked readers on social media if they would allow their partner to go to a strip club and Lazeelaz Komane said: “For guys, it’s fine because it’s where we get to test that we’ll be happy when we arrive home.”

Twoboys Stritkid Nyembe said: “It’s OK, ayowasha amehlo.”