WOMEN, in general, are thought to be self-conscious beings.

They often worry about how they look, which is why they apparently spend a long time in the bathroom getting ready. From choosing an outfit and applying make-up to fixing their hair and waxing, women really live up to the saying: “Beauty takes time and patience.”

Speaking about waxing and shaving, being hairy as a woman can be daunting. But according to recent research, a hairy woman has the best sexual experiences.

According to health experts, all human bodies have two types of hair – vellus and terminal.

Vellus hair is fine, non-pigmented and unresponsive to hormones.

On the other hand, terminal hair is generally long, coarse, dark, and changes based on fluctuations in our hormone levels.

According to an article in The Times of India, hairy women have higher levels of testosterone. And, both the clitoris and G-spot are thought to respond to the hormone.

Women capable of an orgasm during penetrative sex have a thicker tissue area in the region between the vagina and urethra.

Simply put, hairy women carry higher levels of testosterone. That makes them enjoy sex more than their hairless counterparts.