BABIES are a beautiful blessing but making them can be a complicated exercise, medically and otherwise.

According to British sexpert Rebecca Dakin, sex positions play a critical role in the process of getting pregnant.

According to this famous author, here are some positions that better your chances of getting pregnant:

1.Missionary position

Dakin says any sex position that can enhance deep penetration is highly beneficial. According to her, this position allows the 4-5 to reach the area right at the front of the cervix, the canal that connects the punani and the womb. She advises resting your legs on your partner’s shoulders or raising your hips for added gravitational boost to help his swimmers on their way.

2.The wheelbarrow

If you want to wheel each other to the creation of a human life, then this position is the best. According to Dakin, this position, involving getting down on all fours as your partner holds your legs up and enters you from behind provides deep penetration and gives semen great access to the cervix.

3.Doggy style

To give sperm their best shot and access, she recommends getting down and doggy for the deep penetration it offers. This also positions the head of the 4-5 right at the opening of the cervix. According to her, if this style is executed correctly, it enhances your chances of getting pregnant.

4.The butterfly

According to Dakin, this position, where you lie back on the edge of the bed or another surface with your partner standing or kneeling between your legs, ticks all the boxes. It apparently enables deeper penetration, controls gravity and is face-to-face, encouraging a sense of closeness. She says this is the most intimate penetrative sex position for bettering your chances of getting falling pregnant.