READING horoscopes is quite a popular phenomena and there are people who read their astrological horoscopes every day and believe in them.

In astrology, astrological signs are the 12, 30-degree sectors that make up earth’s 360-degree orbit around the sun.

The signs are named after a constellation the sun annually moved through while crossing the sky.

According to a study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 25% of Americans believed that the positions of the stars and the planets affect our daily lives.

Looking to surprise your lover with something kinky? Cosmopolitan helps us find out what might turn them on according to their astrological sign:

1. Aries

The rams love to make the first move. Also, Aries have short attention spans, so they’re not into excessive foreplay. Action and taking initiative is key.

2. Taurus

With a Taurus you might want to experiment with sex in the great outdoors. Taurus is turned off by sloppiness, so bringing them to a tidy bedroom will keep them happy.

3. Gemini

Nothing turns on Gemini more than lots of sexual experimentation. They live by the motto, “Variety is the spice of life.” They’re also governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, so sexting and dirty talk is definitely in their wheelhouse. They’re also probably into role play.

4. Cancer

Intimacy is a big deal to Cancers as they need to feel safe before emerging from their shells, and the fastest way to foster loyalty is through physical closeness. Cancers appreciate romantic gestures, cuddling, spooning, and sensual caresses.

5. Leo

Performative and bombastic, the biggest turn-on for these lions is to feel desired. They thrill at the thought of being wanted, especially when the passion leads to cinematic lovemaking. If they send you a nude, be very appreciative and tell them, in detail, how hot they look.

6. Virgo

Virgos are absolutely obsessed with sex and would love a fully scripted round of role-play, and perhaps plenty of dirty talk. Virgos tend to skew towards flustered and detail-oriented, so slow it down and put the focus on them with plenty of foreplay. When you’re sexting them, include all the detail you can.

7. Libra

Libras are turned on by elegance and sophistication. Taking the time to make your Libra a cocktail and put on some great music goes a long way. Libras are also very visual people, so they’ll appreciate some luxury lingerie or an artful (or dirty) nude.

8. Scorpio

In medical astrology, Scorpios rule the sex organs. Scorpios love to dive in to power play and are extremely turned on by explorations of dominance and submission. They aren’t afraid to explore taboos, so try getting extra kinky with your Scorpio with their consent. Go for long and steamy oral sessions, take it outside, or add a sex toy or three.

9. Sagittarius

This fire sign is extremely aroused by anything that has a hint of danger. So don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius lover is into public sex, and group sex can be a major turn-on too.

10. Capricorn

Caps are bossy in the boardroom and the bedroom, so try experimenting with role play and dom/sub dynamics. Plus, they’re super-organised, so scheduled sex is a turn-on—they’ll spend the whole day/week thinking about your sex date!

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are turned on by anything that goes against societal conventions, aka they’re into kink. And they love mystery, so adding in a mask or a blindfold is sure to turn up the heat. Aquarius is the sign most closely associated with science and technology, which means your Aqua lover will probably enjoy sex toys, VR porn, and any/all kinds of gadgets.

12. Pisces

Creative Pisces are the artists and poets of the zodiac, so they’re into very emotional, intimate sex. They might want to read erotic poetry as foreplay or even write some about you.