This guy should switch off the phone – and instead get his woman turned on!

WE all agree that keeping the fire burning in the bedroom means communication!

Condom company Durex has a TV advert which shows couples saying they would use a new phone app to improve their sex lives.

Then Durex revealed the secret: Go offline!

We’ve become so attached to our electronics, our family time is being eaten up. People are sexting while they’re in the same room. Or they WhatsApp each other from the same house.

So go offline and try some of the 50 Games to Play Durex has suggested for your bedroom.

Out of these exciting games, SunBuzz picked eight:

Talk to me

Communicating with your partner about what you like and don’t like during sexual play is the most effective way to be satisfied sexually.  But many struggle to say anything. So why not try this game where you may only say five things to guide your partner on what feels good?

Love letter

Writing letters is the perfect way to reconnect, build anticipation and excitement, and get you both fantasising about what’s going to happen.

Twenty questions

This game is a great way to learn more about your partner. By simply giving a “yes” or “no” answer, you can keep the mood fun and exciting.

 Get your partner to come up with 20 questions related to sex. This will open up the lines of communication and help you find out what turns the other on.

Never apart

So often we forget that physical contact and intimacy without the expectation of sex is crucial for our relationship. It helps us bond, talk and feel more in tune with each other.

Jigsaw fantasy

Giving erotic surprises to each other is a great way to build anticipation and excitement. Instead of telling your partner in a text or email, make it exciting and leave them sexy clues to find out what’s in store for them. Why not print out a sex position you’d like to try?

Treasure hunt

This takes the erotic surprise to another level. Your partner will be dying to finish work and return home. The excitement will build and you will both feel naughty all day.

Erotic audit

In a similar way to the “talk to me” sex game, telling your partner exactly what you like can be intimidating or feel embarrassing.

 So instead, rate them on how well they touch an area of your body. This game will shift your focus from performance-driven intercourse to pleasure-based sex!

Good vibrations

Instead of telling your partner where you like to be touched, why not try this game which will be sure to leave you hot.

 Pay particular attention to your erogenous zones, which so often are neglected during sex. For example, the inner thigh, lower stomach and nipples will respond immediately to good vibrations.

Thisile Mtyeku, Durex brand manager, said through DurexLabs they’ve looked at ways to combine sex with technology to give people greater pleasure.

“Because we have a deep understanding of arousal and the sensations involved in sex, this evolution came naturally,” she said.

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