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NO woman deserves to be forced to leave her family behind to go and look for work, only to be told she can secure employment – on condition that she surrenders herself to sexual favours.

Yet this is exactly the disheartening situation many women encounter on a daily basis.

On top of the challenges of a very inflexible system women face when trying to secure employment, they have to fend off sexual predators.

Predators waiting to pounce on their vulnerability.

Some women even fail to make it past the security gates of potential employers, because they refuse to give their phone numbers to the security guards.

Those who make it past the gate then have to deal with interviewers who shamelessly demand sexual favours for jobs.

This demeans, degrades and depresses women to the point that some are afraid to go out and look for work.

Women lose confidence every time they’re cornered into submitting to the power of sex pests in the workplace.

Can you imagine the pain of a woman who has to go back to her struggling family and look into her starving children’s eyes and think their lives could have been better had she given in to the shame of sex for a job?

No woman should go through this!

Let’s deal with sexual predators who think they can do as they please.

Let’s expose them so they can’t get away with this incredibly unfair practice.

  • Christopher Mazibuko,


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