DEAR Sun Readers

It is hard to say goodbye.

This copy that you hold in your hand, is a prized final edition of your favourite Sunday read.

This bold red top made its dazzling and grand entrance in Mzansi’s media landscape with racy headlines and pertinent conversations that entertained and provoked the nation on Sundays.

The engaging and probing tabloid journalism produced by Sunday Sunwent on to win many awards over the years as our loyal team of 13 writers, sub editors and layout artists dug deep into the trenches.

Each week, they went into creative battle to produce catchy headlines, stunning layouts and great scoops that left no stone unturned.

Every Sunday you invited us warmly into your homes. You shared lunch with your family members while talking about our thrilling expose’s and you connected with friends and relatives as you recited exciting tidbits and explosive revelations in our stories. Over the years you have been our most valued partner. You have been our loudest praise singers who helped us to soar and also our constructive critic.

  • Sunday Sun will no longer be on the shelves, but the best entertainment tabloid stories will always form part of the offering of racy celeb content offered by SunLand through our offering. Editor