ALTHOUGH not a new phenomenon, micro-cheating has taken centre stage in modern relationships, t hanks to social media.

Micro-cheating, according to psychology, is an act of emotional infidelity with someone outside that person’s committed relationship.

This act is stimulated by dating apps, social media and texting.

Basically, micro-cheating is emotionally cheating on your partner through acts like flirting, among others.

According to relationship therapist Lindsey Hoskins, micro-cheating is dangerous.

“The line is in different places for different people in different relationships.

And that’s what makes this phenomenon so dangerous.

“Virtually anything, from swiping right on Tinder to flirting with a cute stranger, could be considered as micro-cheating.

“The most common transgressions I see in relationships are frequent texting on social media, regular conversations with ex-partners and being too friendly with people.”

So, how do you know your partner is micro-cheating on you?

Below are critical signs to look out for when you suspect your partner’s micro-cheating.

  • They’re very protective of their phone

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of privacy, but once it gets extreme to a point that all access points and apps are locked, then you must begin to ask what your partner is hiding?

Take note of their initial expression or reaction when you ask to use their phone.

  • Always smiling at their phone

If your partner’s always smiling at their phone, then you must begin to ask who their new joy-keeper is because smiles are dangerous.

  • They talk about their ex-partner

They say history is important because it informs the present and shapes the future, but it can also damage the present and totally erase the future.

If your partner can’t stop talking about their ex, then your relationship is in great danger.

It’s worse if they have an inappropriate relationship with them on social media, constantly liking or commenting on all their posts.

  • They tell you that you are imagining things

If all you hear when asking your partner critical questions is, “You’re imagining things,” then you aren’t imagining things because things are going wrong.

  • They invite you less to their social events

If you are no longer part of the guest list, then someone else now features in it, and you need to find out why, and demand truthful and honest answers!