HE kept his drug abuse a secret. 

Now he wants everyone to know . . . 


R&B star Vusi Nova (33) revealed his history of drug abuse in a tell-all interview with Sunday Sun’s sister publication, True Love magazine. 

Vusi and his brother Sisa Hewana revealed how he resorted to drugs after losing both his mother and grandmother in just a few days.

The two are among 10 celebrity siblings who were interviewed for a special True Love edition, which hits the shelves tomorrow.

Vusi lost his mum in 2005 before he could move to Gauteng.

“I miss everything about my mum,” he said.

“I’m where I am because of her, she was so supportive of my dream to make it as a musician. She bought me a piano, microphone, guitar, keyboard and flute, so I could practise. That helped to better my craft.

“I feel as if God took her because He was like, ‘You’re done with your job of nurturing your son’s talent. Now he needs to take off on his own.’”

He had just turned 21 when she died. Brother Sisa said that’s when Vusi’s problems worsened.

“He started using drugs when he moved to Joburg. I still lived in PE. He explained everything to me because he was being influenced by many people.” said Sisa.

He said Vusi had inherited a large sum of cash from his mum’s estate.

“That’s the money he used to fund his lifestyle when he moved to Jozi,” said Sisa.

Vusi said: “I had cash, a car and a house when I was 21. That’s why it was so easy to forget about everything. I then turned to drugs to numb the pain.” 

He finally told his family about his addiction, and asked for help.

“At the beginning, you want to be out clubbing, to be with people, but once drugs take over, it’s almost like every person can see you’re high, so that makes you exclude yourself from the rest of the world. 

“I wanted to sing, but was afraid to be around people. I needed to stop. Now and again, I’d relapse and felt guilty after every use.

“I’d stop, then after a while the urge would come back to do it again. But eventually I quit,” he said. 

The singer’s now clean and happier. He added: “Once you become an addict, you’ll always be one. That always made me feel terrible, but now I’m in control. I’ve been clean for six years.” 

Vusi said he had no plans to get married soon.

“I definitely want a child, though. I’ve been talking to my brother about it as well. I really do want a kid. I feel it’s time. It’d be cool to raise a son. Just one will be fine!”

For the in-depth interview, read the True Love special edition tomorrow.