IT appears that the cameras have stopped rolling in actor Fezile Mpela’s love nest.

Sunday Sun has heard claims that the 44-year-old former Isidingo actor was about to pull the plug on his three-year relationship with his wife, Marilyn (33).

According to sources close to the couple, their relationship has entirely broken down and the only thing keeping them together is their posh house in Randburg, north of Joburg.

The couple doesn’t have children.

When called for comment this week, Marilyn denied claims that their marriage was on the rocks, saying: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

But a source, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed: “Their relationship has broken down irretrievably, and has reached such a state of disintegration that there’s no reasonable prospect of getting it back to the good old days.”

The source also said Fezile lost all love for Marilyn and was unable to communicate meaningfully with her.

“He’s no longer interested in her. Every time she wants to be intimate, he gives her the cold shoulder,” said our mole.

The source further alleged that Fezile had even spoken about selling the house because Marilyn was unemployed and didn’t contribute to household expenses.

“They even tried to get family elders from both parties to help rescue their marriage, but it didn’t work,” said our deep throat.

Another concerned friend told the People’s Paper they were worried about the couple and weren’t sure what caused the relationship to end this way.

“The two have been married for only three years. They only got married in 2014,” said the source.

When the SunTeam contacted Fezile, he refused to comment and hung up the phone.