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Popular actor Sputla Sebogodi fears for his life following the recent published story accusing a bishop of sleeping with his wife. Photo: Abraham Mashego  ~ 

Former Generations actor Sputla Segodobi last week alleged his wife, Francina Kganakga, has been bonking Bishop Dudu Comfort. 

But this week, the actor made startling revelations when claiming his life was in danger following the story.

According to Sputla, he’s been getting death threats from several individuals.

Said Sputla: “At first, I thought it was just a hoax and none of these men were serious. 

“The first call came on Monday morning. I was a bit sleepy, but quickly woke up when the caller told me I was going to die. 

“I only realised when he hung up that I’d just been threatened.” 

But it didn’t end there, Sputla said. 

The actor insisted he received numerous phone calls following the first one. They were from different people, who told him they knew where he stays and he’d not live for long.

“I also got a call from a Nigerian-sounding guy, who told me I should be careful because I had messed with the wrong person,” he said.

“The caller told me there are consequences to what I did. 

“Others threatened me in isiXhosa, telling me the results of what I did weren’t going to be nice.”

And Sputla said he had no doubts about who was behind the threats. 

Asserted Sputla: “My ex and her bishop lover are behind this. 

“I’m considering legal action. I refuse to live in fear because of people who use God’s name in vain.”

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo has confirmed that a case of intimidation has been opened in Polokwane.

Sputla also took the opportunity to thank those who have supported him. 

“I’d like to thank all the pastors who have been supportive of me.” 

Yesterday when called for a comment, Francina said: “It’s none of my business.” 

The bishop was not available for comment. 

His phone rang unanswered this week.

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