BEHIND-THE-SCENES drama has found its way to the doorstep of TV personality and The Real Housewives of Johannesburg producer, Sonia Mbele.

And it has resulted in the former Generations star allegedly being forced to liquidate her company, RHOSA.

Sonia manages the film company with partners, Rebone Sesing and Pebbles Gqunta.

RHOSA is behind the 1Magic hit reality TV show, which follows the lavish lifestyles of its cast members. Head of PR & Publicity at M-Net’s Local Entertainment Channels Philly Kubheka said the partners sighted irreconcilable differences for closing the company. “As the channel, we ensured The Real Housewives of Johannesburg was unaffected by the company shutting down hence we were able to produce a great show for the season. Season 3 was briefed out, and different companies came to pitch. We’ll announce the production company once the show gets commissioned,” she said.

Said Sonia: “With any company that you start, you do it with the greatest of intentions but, like any bad marriage, when it’s no longer working you dissolve the marriage and move on, wishing the other partner nothing but the best.”

Rebone declined to comment, citing the fifth commandment. Pebbles could not be reached for comment.

An insider told the SunTeam the drama unfolded when Sonia asked her partners to be the majority shareholder.

Said the mole: “But they refused, despite her being responsible for bringing The Real Housewives show to the Mzansi audience.

“She involved her lawyers, who then advised her to liquidate the company.”

According to the insider, Sonia only formed the partnership because she wanted to empower young women.

Another source argued Sonia performed all the operations at RHOSA.

Explained the mole: “She’s literally doing everything by herself. From paying salaries, rent, stationary, telephone expenses, to the electricity bill, it’s all Sonia.”

The informant claimed the partners became hostile toward Sonia following her request.

“This was after the success of the first season,” the mole said.

“The women would be rude to Sonia in front of the cast and crew members. Sometimes they’d even shout at the cast and crew members.”

A third informant said things got worse, and M-Net, called them to a meeting.

“They were told if they couldn’t resolve their problems, M-Net would pull the plug on the show,” the source said.

“After that meeting M-Net pulled the plug on the show and told them to come back as individuals.”

According to the source, Sonia got the job and will be producing the show alone.