AKULALEKI hitmaker Samthing Soweto (real name Samkelo Mdolomba) has finally paid back the money.

This after he failed to pitch at the Newcastle Amcor Dam Music Festival.

At the time, event organiser Sibusiso Mkhulisi said Samthing Soweto was no longer available after payment.

Said Sibusiso at the time: “Ever since we paid him, we haven’t been able to locate him. We’re appealing to him to pay back the money since he never fulfilled the agreementWe have already sent them our banking details for a refund.

“He demanded that I pay the full amount, R75 000, before the event and I did. I also paid R23 000 for accommodation. We also agreed that he’d perform from 11pm to 11.30pm.

“But I was disappointed when he didn’t pitch. I tried calling him but could not reach him.”

The event took place on 27 December and Samthing Soweto was one of the main acts.

The SunTeam saw proof of payment from Sibusiso’s account to Samthing Soweto’s.

A war of words ensued between the musician and Sibusiso as Samthing Soweto refused to repay the money. Samthing Soweto had made it clear he would not refund Sibusiso.

When asked about the refund at the time, Samthing Soweto said: “The allegations made by Sibusiso were mischievous at best, if not downright nefarious.”

He went on to say: “The performance agreement states that should the fee not be paid in accordance with its provisions, then the promoter will forfeit all payments, including deposits made in relation to the booking and will have no claim whatsoever in respect of such amounts and the artist will have no obligation to render the services to the promoter.”

This week, Sibusiso said Samthing Soweto had finally paid up.

“The payment was made in January. Our lawyers sent him a letter of demand and gave him seven days to pay. Within three days the money was in my bank account. He paid R75 000, which was his booking fee. I could’ve demanded extra costs, which included accommodation and legal fees, but we decided not to,” said Sibusiso.

When called for comment, Samthing Soweto dropped the phone several times.