AFRO-POP singer Ntando Bangane was this week left angry after paying a fortune to have his Mercedes-Benz taken in for service, but allegedly only got a raw deal instead.

The Nono hitmaker told Sunday Sun he was happy when he received a call from the dealership in Constantia Kloof, in the West Rand, saying his car was ready for pick up, but wasn’t ready for what he got when he arrived.

“I went to pick up my car after a lady called me to tell me it was ready for pick up. I was with my son when I went to pick it up. I noticed the seat belt didn’t roll back as it should when it’s being put on,” he said.

Ntando said he took this up with the dealership and demanded to see the manager, who wasn’t interested to hear his story.

Said Ntando: “I called their management to try and address the matter, but they weren’t interested to hear what I had to say.

“Maybe, it had to do with the fact that I was wearing casual clothes while everyone else there wore suits, I don’t know.

“But after back and forth I was then told it wasn’t their fault and I know my car wasn’t like that when I took it in.”

The singer said what infuriates him the most is that he paid a fortune to take his car for service and wouldn’t lie about something as small as a seat belt.

“I mean, I paid R15 000 for my car to be serviced and know for a fact that prior to taking it in, the seat belt worked fine.

“To fix a seat belt would probably cost R200 or something, but what makes me angry is the kind of service they gave me, like I didn’t matter,” he said.

When called for comment on Friday, the person who answered the phone at the dealership said the person who handles such matters would be in on Saturday, and yesterday when we called again, we were again told the relevant person to speak to wasn’t around and that comment would’ve given after the article had been published.

Said the person on the line: “Good day, Please note that Constantia Kloof is not my dealership. I’ll however escalate this to the correct person and reply accordingly.

“Provide an email address I can use.”