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Maseng takes a stand against abuse. Photo by On Point Records  ~ 

IT SEEMS there’s no chill in Mzansi, especially when taking into account that domestic violence has been making headlines – even in Women’s Month. 

But singer Maseng Maanwane’s music is the much-needed refuge from all the madness.

This as this 26-year-old songwriter, who’s shown her mettle time and again, has proven herself quite the force to be reckoned with.

And her latest Afro-soul song, written by the legendary Theo Kgosinkwe from the powerful band Mafikizolo and produced by Shot Gun Fakes, promises to be Mzansi’s anthem.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Maseng said the song not only evoked strong emotions but explored truth.

She said her recently released single, titled Asinamalungelo (meaning we don’t have rights), tackled the country’s issue of violence against women.

Said Maseng: “I resonate with the lyrics of the song because growing up I was exposed to such behaviour. I grew up watching a person close to me believing she was shown compassion through violence.”

According to the singer, we live in a world that’s normalised such crude behaviour.

“This song is very close to my heart because I once knew someone who was in the same situation,” she said.

“We tend to judge those who stay in abusive situations, having no clue what they go through.

“But I’ve learnt not to judge, and to instead be a shoulder to cry on.”

The Kagiso-born lass said she understood what the word mbokodo (meaning rock) meant and wanted to represent women in a proper manner.

“We grow up with the mindset that abuse in a relationship is a symbol of how much someone loves you. But we forget the damage it does to the abused. So, singing this song was very liberating, in the sense that I’ve resolved never to be tolerant of abusive behaviour.”

Maseng said she wanted to inspire women through her song to own their happiness and move away from anything that disturbed it.

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