AFRO-POP singer Kelly Khumalo has allegedly become the black sheep of her family.

She’s said to have been disowned by the Khumalo clan . . .


The accusations follow the singer’s heated argument with her mum, Ntombifuthi Khumalo.

This over younger sister, Zandi Khumalo, with whom she was rumoured to be at loggerheads.

An insider claimed the Khumalos had distanced themselves from the Empini hitmaker.

Explained an insider: “When she began fighting with Zandi, she expected her mum to take her side. But Ntombifuthi decided not to choose sides.

“Eventually, Kelly told her mum to stop talking to Zandi. Again, her mum refused to do so.

“Kelly wasn’t impressed by this and began bullying her mum.

“She’d shout, yell and belittle Ntombifuthi in front of her kids.”

According to the mole, the drama unfolded four months ago.

“At the time, Ntombifuthi was looking after Kelly’s kids in Jozi.

“She was also there to be featured in Kelly’s reality TV show,” said the informant.

“The fight between Kelly and her mum got so bitter, Ntombifuthi packed her bags and left for KZN. This put the brakes on Kelly’s reality TV show.”

According to the source, Kelly’s mum had to be begged to return to Jozi.

“This is another reason Kelly’s reality show was delayed.”

The source claimed the Khumalos tried to resolve the fight between Kelly and Zandi but failed.

“The problem is Kelly refuses to come back home. She’s too much of a celebrity and has distanced herself from her family,” the insider claimed.

“She thinks she’s better than everyone else, hence she’s been disowned.”

In February, Daily Sun reported on the matter.

Said Zandi’s hubby and manager, Mhlo Gumede, at the time: “Zandi wants to speak to the family, especially her mum before filing a restraining order.

“She feels their mum and elders of the family might be able to speak sense into Kelly.

“Once this meeting has been held, she can file the order.”

Another source told the SunTeam the situation between Kelly and Zandi had gone from bad to worse.

Insisted the source: “They’ve completely stopped talking to each other. They’ve nothing good to say about each other and don’t even congratulate each other on their successes.

“A few week ago, Zandi received a Golden Award for her song, Akwanele, and Kelly wasn’t there to support her.

“She couldn’t even congratulate sister. Zandi has also not congratulated Kelly on her upcoming reality TV show.”

Asked for comment, Ntombifuthi said she was scared to comment.

“I’d rather keep quiet,” she said, before she hung up the phone.

Speaking to Sunday Sun yesterday, Kelly dismissed the allegations.

Explained Kelly: “My mother left because I wanted the truth about my biological father, which has been an elephant in the room for years in my family.

“My mother can talk to whoever she wants, I can’t force her to stand for the truth and be the mother she’s failed to be over the years.”

About the reality TV show, Kelly said it was delayed by the lockdown, not her mum.

“My reality show doesn’t depend on my mother or anyone else, for that matter. She’s just a small part – I can do without,” she said.

“My reality show is shot at my house and my mother lives in my house. If she doesn’t want to be part of what happens in my house, she’s more than welcome to remove herself. I don’t need to beg her,” Kelly asserted.

About being “disowned”, she said everyone who cared about her was no more.

“I didn’t know I was disowned by the Khumalos. I’m hearing this for the first time. I didn’t know there was still anyone left to disown me, as my grandfather, grandmother, aunts and uncles died long ago.”

Responed Zandi, on the other hand: “It’s not true that we don’t care about or love Kelly. But if she feels that way, there’s nothing we can do. I’m also not in her reality TV show because we don’t talk. We haven’t in a long time.”

Commented Showmax’s head of communication Richard Boorman: “It’s difficult to give detailed feedback because the show’s still being edited.

“But I can confirm Kelly’s mother features in several episodes and the show is on track for launch on Showmax on 6 August. Viewers will have all their questions answered then.”