I really think government doesn’t take its citizens seriously.

Why should it wait for the virus to spread in Mzansi before it takes action to tame it by closing all the country’s borders?

It was announced a long time ago that the COVID-19 virus exists in other countries, but nothing much was done to tackle it beforehand.

Government should have prevented it before it could affect anyone by checking everyone coming into Mzansi at the country’s major points of entry.

They should have stopped the incoming and outgoing of tourists.

Now that it is in the country and the number of infected people is increasing, why aren’t we receiving masks or any other preventions that could help?

Let’s not forget that our constitution says we have the right to life.

A virus like this should be taken seriously.

Mzansi should raise prevention fast before spending billions in trying to find a cure.

Let the thinking heads prevail before we lose hope and perish by neglecting this issue.

Where lives are at stake, let’s be serious, as a loss of one life can’t be quantified as a small problem.

  • Japisa Khoza, Tembisa