SOCIALITE Zodwa Wabantu may soon bring to life the fantasies of another Ben 10 since she’s single again.

According to her latest ex, Vusi Ngubane, the two have split and he initiated the break-up.

Asserted Vusi: “I dumped her because she posted something I didn’t like on her social media accounts. What she posted reflected badly on me and I told her that.

“I don’t want to get into detail about the break-up, except that many things happened after that incident, things that were intolerable for a guy like me.

I’d never expected them to happen but they did. Those things drove me over the edge and the best option was to dump her. I told her I want out of the relationship and she understood.”

Vusi insisted breaking up with Zodwa had nothing to do with a new love interest.

“I was committed to her and we had good plans,” he said. “It must also be clear that I haven’t met someone new and it had nothing to do with her character or her job.”

He said he didn’t regret dating Zodwa.

“When I started this relationship, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew it would come with a certain amount of pressure,” he said.

“I loved Zodwa wholeheartedly and even introduced her to my family. But after the break-up I told my mum it was over between uss and there was no going back to her. I don’t regret dating her but I’ve had enough. She must go her way, so I’ll also finally get a chance to focus on my modelling career and grow my communications firm.”

He said he’d focus on doing modelling full-time.

“I’ve already been approached by one of the big local brands to become their face. But I’m not ready to disclose the details until I sign their contract,” Vusi said.

“From time to time, Zodwa and I still talk because we acted as partners in other aspects of business, so we can’t just cut all communication.”

Vusi said he intended to launch his communications firm next month.

“Right now, I’m just looking for office space. My business will deal with digital marketing, photography, graphic design and video production, among other things.”

Asked for comment, Zodwa didn’t seem bothered by the break-up.

Insisted Zodwa: “I’m over Vusi already! In fact, I’ve already f**ked two guys and one of them is well-known in the entertainment industry. We’re not dating but helping each other sexually.“I’m not sure who I’m going to date next but, for now, I’m just sleeping with this guy.

She confirmed Vusi was offended by her social media posts.

Said Zodwa: “He was beginning to interfere with my work and I didn’t like that. He’d worry about his image and what his friends, colleagues and associates would think. It got to a point where I felt I was being controlled and I didn’t like that. I told him posting on social media is part of my job.”