CUBIQUE DJ has been to hell and back in the short space he has been in the music industry.

The Mpumalanga-born DJ tasted fame and fortune and all that comes with being in the spotlight.

But although at the height of his career, he worked with the likes of Lulo Cafe, Soul Candy and Unathi Msengane, among others, he soon found out that not all that glitters is gold.

Speaking to Sunday Sun this week, the Low hitmaker, whose real name is Thulani Mavens, said the entertainment industry hasn’t been kind to him, which is why he decided to step back.

“I suffered from depression, because of the things that were happening in the industry. I guess I expected a lot from people,” he said.

The DJ said he decided to take a hiatus from the industry although he was at the peak of his career as it was taking a toll on his health.

“Some people push your work back, so you don’t get anywhere. The entertainment industry isn’t kind at all,” the 28-year-old said.

He said when things didn’t work out for him in showbiz, he got a job as a graphic designer, so “I could focus on something else other than the negativity of the industry”.

Now, he has bounced back with a renewed perception of the industry, because he said he is not expecting anything from anyone.

He hopes the release of his new seven-track, EP Recrudescence will get him back to his former glory days.