ORLANDO PIRATES goal-poacher Justin Shonga is famous for making magic with his feet.

But it seems the footie’s talents extend past his waistline . . .


This according to his girlfriend, Zinhle Khumalo, who is said to have allegedly endured the pain meted out by Shonga’s hands.

Hence she had him thrown in a jail cell.

She opened a case of assault against the striker at the Midrand Police Station on Sunday.

Shonga had allegedly beat her up on the same day at her home in a townhouse complex in Midrand, north of Jozi.

According to official records, he was arrested and released on police bail before being ordered to appear in the Midrand Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

But he failed to pitch, leaving the court with no option other but to issue a warrant for his arrest. His case was postponed to next week.

Zinhle told police the soccer star turned her into a punching bag after she caught him with another woman at her complex.

Her statement suggests the 23-year-old striker lost his cool and beat Zinhle when she confronted him about the issue.

Read the 27-year-old victim’s affidavit, in part: “On Sunday 24-05-2020 at about 00h20 early in the morning, I was at my complex (Sandridge Heights), walking toward my house when I noticed my boyfriend, Mr Justin Shonga, was with a girl at the same complex.

“I confronted him and asked him about this girl, we started arguing where he followed me to my house. In the house, Mr Shonga began assaulting me, with his open hands, pushed me and I fell on the couch where he continued beating me.

“By that time, I was crying for help. This went on until other people from our complex came to help me. Miss Sbongile Homu told Mr Shonga to stop beating me or else she’ll call the police. Then, Mr Shonga stopped beating me.”

She said the Zambian international told her there was no proof he moered her.

“After realising I’d called the cops, he told me he was a former police officer, he can’t beat me and leave me with a mark to prove he was assaulting me, I’m afraid of his man,” read the statement.

“The suspect, Mr Shonga, stays at Unit number (house address withheld) at Sandrigde Heights, (contact number withheld). I didn’t give Mr Shonga the right/permission to assault me.

“I require further investigation.”

Documents attached to Zinhle’s affidavit included Sbongile Homu’s statement.

Read Sbongile’s supporting affidavit: “I went back inside the house and found Zinhle on the couch, the guy was strangling and punching her. Also, her dress had risen, exposing her private parts.

“Realising he was assaulting Zinhle, I told him to stop what he was doing or I’d call the police.

“He stopped, then his friends came inside the house and took him to the car and left.”

When called for comment, Shonga denied the allegations.

Insisted Shonga: “I don’t even know the lady.”

But after the SunTeam sent an inquiry to Zinhle, Shonga called and said he knows her, but maintained he never assaulted her.

Zinhle denied opening a case of assault against Shonga: “I never opened any assault case and nothing like that ever happened. Justin never assaulted me. Someone is clearly spreading false rumours.”

After listening to the allegation by the SunTeam, Sbongile said: “I don’t want to say anything.”

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubele confirmed the case.

“It’s a domestic violence case opened in Midrand on 24 May around 4.20am at unit (number withheld) Sandridge Heights, corner Lever road and 13th road Noordwyk.

“The victim, a female age 27 years old, alleged she saw her boyfriend with another girlfriend and confronted him about the female he was with and an argument ensued. Theboyfried assaulted her in front of their child and she called the police and the suspect was then apprehended.”