BUSINESSWOMAN Basetsana Kumalo allegedly lost her beauty queen grace when she was involved in a catfight.

This after the Miss SA 94 reportedly slugged it out with another businesswoman, Bongiwe “Mabongs” Baleni, over pictures and videos.

The drama allegedly took place at former Metro FM station manager Matona Ntshona-Sakupwanya’s house in the north of Jozi, last week.

Matona was allegedly hosting a kiddies’ birthday party.

Explained an informant: “What started out as a child’s party turned into a catfight when Bassie demanded that Mabongs delete pictures and videos of herself.”

According to party-goers, things turned so bad the kids were traumatised.

The source claimed Bassie was dancing with her daughter when she saw Mabongs holding her phone and assumed she was taking a video of her.

Said the source: “She screamed at her, shouting that Mabongs must delete that video. She did that by jumping for Mabongs’s phone.”

A witness said Mabongs was asked to leave with her kids after the brawl.

“It was getting bad,” the source said.

“They had to be separated. Matona’s hubby, who was outside braaing, came running and asked Mabongs to leave.”

When called for comment, Mabongs explained that she was neither taking a video nor pictures.

She said she was surprised by what she described as Bassie’s ratchet behaviour.

Commented Mabongs: “I was playing music with my phone and was checking what song to play next. This when she abruptly tried to snatch my phone, demanding that I show her my pictures.”

Mabongs said Bassie’s action made her lose her cool.

‘I wasn’t going to be bullied by Bassie,” Mabongs said.

“Why would I take pictures of her? I’m not phased by her fame and am not her fan.”

Mabongs refuted allegations of being kicked out of the house party.

“I’m not sure who are your sources, but I wasn’t kicked out,” she said.

“I just took my kids and left the environment because it was too toxic.

“I’m a grown woman and you can’t just bully me. Address me like an adult, not your fan.”

Mabongs said Bassie had displayed a negative attitude toward her upon her arrival.

Said Mabongs: “When she walked in, she pointed at me, saying, ‘I need to talk to you’. She asked me why her friends were fighting because of me.”

Sunday Sun tried to solicit comment from both Bassie and Mathona since last Friday. Their phones rang unanswered.

They also failed to respond to several SMSes and WhatsApp messages we sent to them.

Bassie’s manager Thato Matuka said he won’t comment because it was a personal matter.