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Yvonne with her lovely new wheels. Photo By Thabo Monama  ~ 

Yvonne Budeli is a teacher so she spends most of her day in a classroom at Seotlana Primary School in Tembisa.

She relies on her wheels to get her where she needs to go every day.

Q: What car do you drive?

A: A BMW 318i.

Q: When did you buy your Beemer?

A: I bought it in March this year. It is still new.

Q: Why do you love this car?

A: It is an automatic and easy to drive. It’s also comfortable and I like the sunroof.

Q: Is it your first car?

A: No, it is my fifth.

Q: Do you have driver’s licence?

A: Yes, I got it some 11 years ago.

Q: Why did you choose this colour?

A: It is a beautiful and attractive colour. I see other motorists admiring it when I drive on the freeways.

Q: How far have you travelled?

A: I have driven as far as Venda without any problems.

Q: Have you changed anything?

A: No, not yet. I am unsure of what I should change.

Q: Do you have any traffic fines?

A: No. I am a good driver and I obey the rules of the road.

Q: Is it your dream car?

A: No, my dream car is a BMW X6.

Q: Is there anyone else who can drive your car?

A: Yes, but only my husband.

Q: What about other road users?

A: There are many bad drivers on our roads – especially VW and taxi drivers.

Most taxi drivers think they own the road. They are always bullying everyone else. They do not care about other road users.

While taxi drivers are bad enough, we also have to deal with people driving under the influence of alcohol – another source of many road accidents, especially on weekends.

Impatient people are always in a hurry because they have a false sense of privilege, and think that the rules don’t apply to them.

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