MEET Bra Mash Mashiloane, also known as “Bra Mash”, from Kagiso, in the West Rand.

He owns a Yamaha YZF-R6.

Q: When did you buy your bike?

A: In 2013.

Q: Is it your first?

A: It’s my second bike. My first one was a Suzuki SV 1 000.

Q: Where did you learn to ride?

A: My friend and mentor Bra Isaac “Plaza” Maduna taught me to ride.

Q: Do you have a licence?

A: Yes, I do. I got my riding licence after I bought my first bike in 2011.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: I ride to work and on weekends.

Q: Tell us about that colour?

A: It’s yellow.

Q: How far have you ridden?

A: Durban, Swaziland and Botswana.

Q: Did you pimp your ride?

A: No. My bike is perfect as it is.

Q: Would you allow someone else to ride it?

A: Only Bra Isaac can ride my bike because he taught me to ride.

Q: Do you have any traffic fines?

A: No! I’m very cautious when riding.

Q: Tell us about your outfit.

A: It is very important for safety.

Boots are also important in case you slide, but it’s very important to wear your full gear if you want to arrive home alive.

Q: What do you think of other road users?

A: Some car drivers are cautious of bikers. They have a little bit of knowledge about biking.

Others are not.