ALMOST everyone knows about the myth of sugar in a petrol tank and it’s alleged it never ends well.

In the unfortunate case, you find yourself with sugar in your petrol tank just know that it will go down to settle at the bottom of the tank instead of dissolving.

According to, since sugar is twice as dense as petrol, some granules would not go through the fuel filter.

However, they will clog the petrol filter or the injectors.

Due to the level of clogs the sugar forms on the petrol filter or injectors, your car will begin to stall as though you have run out of petrol.

It will continue until the car won’t start anymore at this point, as the petrol pump and the carburetor may have been affected.

This kind of challenge can cause significant damage to your car’s engine if not treated as soon as possible.

Although sugar in your car’s gas tank may not directly destroy it, the clogs can affect the petrol filter and injectors, thereby killing the petrol pump and carburetor.