HE IS known for being a controversial businessman and politician.

It is alleged that the Patriotic Alliance (PA) co-founder Kenny Kunene, was involved in a Gusheshe spinning incident.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the man wearing a green T-shirt can be seen in a Gusheshe that is doing donuts.

As the Gusheshe was about to turn and the man was trying to pull a stunt, it all went wrong when he was flung from the vehicle and then hit by the spinning car.

According to Gayton McKenzie, Kenny was involved in a car accident at a spinning event organised by some young people in the PA.

“He flew out of the window and nearly got seriously injured. He is at home doing fine. Kenny forgot momentarily that he is no longer young and can’t do these stunts that young people are doing. We wanna thank all that assisted immediately after the accident. I sternly spoke to him and he assured me that he would be like me at these events. He will be a spectator only.”

McKenzie said the PA still feels strongly that spinning should be turned into a sporting event.