WHAT was supposed to be a quick drive-by robbery at the petrol station ended badly for would-be robbers who fled the scene dripping wet and highly flammable.

This comes after they were showered with petrol, forcing them to get back into their van and flee the scene.

However, it is not clear if the grade of petrol showered on the armed thugs was 93 unleaded or 95, but what matters is it prevented a crime.

This was captured on a CCTV footage, which surfaced on social media showing a man defending himself against three armed thugs using petrol.

With petrol costing an arm and a leg in Mzansi, some Twitter users wanted to know who’d foot the bill for all the fuel that was sprayed on the thugs.

@AfricanDavid tweeted: “Am I the only one worried about who’s going to pay for the petrol?”

@farmer_cist said, “What if the man shrugging the pump stopped pumping the petrol cause it reached the amount paid?”

@Ounalypse asked: “What type of a lighter can be thrown from a distance even if short distance and remain LIT until it lands?”

@JabuSibanyoni2 tweeted: “I hope one of them lights a cigarette just to console himself.”