THE 1996 BMW 750iL, that Tupac was shot and killed in while leaving a dispute at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, is back on the market.

According to, the car, originally registered under Death Row Records, is now being sold by Celebrity Cars Las Vegas for $1,75 million (about R24 million).

Tupac’s black BMW made an appearance on the reality series Pawn Stars back in 2018 at an asking price of $1,5 million (about R21 million), but has yet to find a buyer.

The seller says it has been fully restored, but retains a small indentation where they believe one of the bullet holes may have been.

The ’90s era 7-series spots a 5.4-litre, 12-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic.

As most of the car’s value comes from its place in hip-hop history, records proving ownership and history will be provided.

The car is currently being displayed at the Las Vegas Celebrity Cars Auto Showroom not far from the location of the incident.