Floyd “Money” Mayweather owns one of the most expensive car collections in the world.

It’s alleged the boxing legend’s car collection has over 100 cars.

He reportedly has his collection split in three, some in Los Angeles, Vegas and Miami.

All three of his collections primarily feature the same cars but in different colours.

In LA, Mayweather can be seen driving around in black cars, in Vegas he drives white cars, and in Miami in silver cars.

The exceptions to this rule are his two Bugatti Veyrons, Mayweather owns five Bugatti Veyrons in total.

One comes in red and silver while the other is matte black with orange trim.

His car collections have every single luxury car possible, and his car collection is estimated at over R500 million.

You can spot multiple Ferraris, McLarens, Bugattis, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Porsches, Mercedes’ and Lamborghinis.

According to Celebanswers.com, his car collection is so expansive that he is thought to have every Rolls Royce model currently sold.