LEBOHANG Machakela is passionate about his biking hobby.

Said the biker from Trimpark in Potchefstroom, North West: “My wife supports my sport.

“Although she’s afraid to ride, she keeps reminding me not to speed.”

Nicknamed Calman, his riding name describes a specific species of crocodile which is aggressive toward its prey.

Explained Calman, who rides a Suzuki Boulevard: “These crocodiles are quiet. They sit in the water and don’t speed to attack, I’m not speedy on my bike.”

Q: When did you buy your bike?

A: 2007.

Q: When did you start riding?

A: 1982.

Q: What’s its nickname?

A: Have not thought of any nickname yet.

Q: Is it your first bike?

A: No. I previously owned a Yahama and Honda.

Q: Would you allow anyone to ride your Boulevard?

A: Only my nephew, Donald, a seasoned rider in his own right, is allowed to ride my bike.

Q: Do you belong to a bike club?

A: Yes, Batsumi MC and consists of law-abiding riders.

Q: Are you a safe rider?

A: Yes, I’m always disciplined and don’t speed. In our club we haven’t experienced any fatalities because not speeding is our gospel.

Q: What’s your dream bike?

A: Harley Davidson.

Q: What’s special about your riding jacket?

A: It’s a reflection of my commitment to being a proud member to my club, who understands our roles and responsibilities.