I personally never have been a fan of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. I never got the hype about it. I always thought the Vrrr Phaa thing about it is all a gimmick. Spending money on a car because it made silly sounds babies make when they still trying to figure out this speaking thing always seemed like a dumb thing.

So when the facelift to the Golf 7 GTI was delivered to the office. I thought it was the perfect chance to find out why people loved the car so much.

So the first about it is the styling. Seeing the car on the road making silly sounds you put it off and never really get the time to access the looks and appreciate them.

The updates to the 7.5 are subtle but they are effective. The new front end bumper that looks much like the one on the Clubsport is pretty and manages to make the car looks aggressive without making it like an aftermarket toy.

The whole design is like that actually. You get the fact that this is a more special Golf but it is not screaming about it. These optional 19" 'Santiago' alloys are a must have. They just look better than the standard 18" 'Parker' wheels.

Inside our car was optioned out with what I think are essentials. The sunroof is a must have in any hot hatch. The digital drivers display is also a must, and so is the bigger touchscreen display, add park assist and rear cameras the price easily goes to more than R620 000.

But for that price, there aren't many cars that you can have that offer

the fun factor, desirability and space the GTI offers. The build quality and just the power that you have on tap can't is great. The DSG and how easy the car is to drive when you just driving around town is another point. This is car a

your wife can't really argue against. It is cheaper than most SUVs but it offers a whole lot more. Power, fun, space and again that desirability factor.

And it is that reason why I think people buy this car. It is the perfect family car. I get it now. And I kinda want one now...