WE all agree the BMW 3 Series has been a favourite since the Bavarian brand was launched about four decades ago.

Taking the latest version for a spin felt incredible. The technology, handling and power were second to none.

Three things make this brand unique: frugality, practicality and sportiness.

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo

The 2019 BMW 330i, referred to as insimbi, boasts simple, yet crucial touches on the grill and bumper, with a roomy, comfortable interior you’d be surprised about.

There’s a certain confidence infused in the new 330i that was somehow missing from the old model.

While I cannot guarantee you that 330i will beat the M3 on the track, it will definitely beat many competitors in terms of spec sheet.

We tested the M Sport package, the most expensive option, which drops the ride height by 0.4-inches and has quite a different exterior appearance to the rest of its siblings.

It comes with 19-inch wheels and other options. We pushed it through its paces and realised it’s not only about the brand – the car delivers on many fronts.

It turns heads. The BMW 330i handles and performs well. The steering wheel has been reworked and makes driving fun.

It is nice to have the car all alone away to manufacturer who might want to influence you, on road test you get to test it on all things that an ordinary person would use it for.

We also noticed that it is soft and precise to give you exactly what you want as you take on those twists and turns of the Joburg CBD.

Also, switching to sport mode makes the wheel heavier as the car become faster. The electronics keep you on the road as you can easily loose control of the vehicle.

Then comes the real test: the engine. The 4-cylinder 2L turbocharged mill was introduced a couple of models back. For the G20 generation, it gets more horses, adding up to 255 in total and 400Nm of torque. We experienced the TwinPower technology, thanks to the twin-scroll turbo that makes driving smooth.

The suspension absorbed all the poopers on our roads well.

The interior is great and quite a leap from the previous model. It comes with some nice quality finishes.

You really feel like you get value for money.

The new 3 Series comes with the Live Professional Cockpit option that, through the latest iDrive 7.0 system, turns your fingers into magic.

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo

The new iDrive’s latest tech includes the Intelligent Personal Assistant, more connectivity and an intuitive menu.

It allows you to lock and unlock your car with your phone.