SHOPPING for a used car in the R140 000 to R150 000 price range?

Want something with a relatively low mileage – 80 000km to 100 000km?

According True Price, a data-collecting agency, these are your eight best buys as they have a relatively low resale value.

The data covers vehicles registered from 2015 to 2018 with a purchase price from R140 000 to R150 000 and mileage between 80 000km and 100 000km.

A used VW Jetta appears to be a bargain buy.

  • The figures include the actual price paid on auction as a percent of the original retail price. Infiniti Q50 (resale value of 30,68%)
  • According to the agency, with the Q50, you get “so much car for so little money”. At less than 40% of the original list price, it’s a steal. Nissan X-Trail (resale value of 42,42%)
  • This is a cool car that has never really caught on among used car buyers. While the X-Trail is practical, comfortable and spacious, it’s not in the same league as its popular Qashqai sibling. Volkswagen Jetta (resale value of 46,19%).
  • The Jetta proves that the magic of the VW brand doesn’t always extend to the used car market. At bank repossession auctions, bidders are always eager to snap up a Polo Vivo, Polo or Golf. These cars are popular among used car buyers. But, for some reason, the Jetta has never enjoyed the same level of popularity. Kia Cerato (resale value of 50,29%).
  • In theory, the Cerato should do well in the used car market. It’s safe, the interior is appealing and it’s well-priced. Renault Captur (resale value of 51.51%).
  • According to research, some potential buyers turn elsewhere, saying they aren’t mad about the Captur’s interior quality, performance or lack of legroom at the rear.” Renault Duster (resale value of 52,91%).
  • The Duster is also terrific value for money in the used car market. For some reason, certain Renault products lose their lustre in the used car market. Chevrolet Cruze (resale value of 57.61%).
  • The resale value of the Cruze is surprisingly good, considering that General Motors ceased local manufacturing and selling of Chevrolet vehicles in Mzansi at the end of 2017. But it’s still popular. Hyundai Accent (resale value of 59.83%).
Renault Captur is another good buy at 51.51% resale value.

    Hyundai’s sports utility SUVs compare well with its its passenger cars.