YOUR car’s steering wheel is a vital safety mechanism and needs to always be in good working condition.

  • Steering column problems can cause a variety of problems. Here are five common scenarios that point to trouble: Steering wheel shaking or vibration. If this occurs when you slow down, then the most likely explanation is worn or damaged brakes.
  • But if the problem occurs during regular driving, the fault may lie with worn steering column components. The steering wheel is off centre. If your car is constantly trying to pull you off the road, then the steering wheel column might need repairs. Other possible causes include unaligned wheels and uneven tyre pressure.) Unexplained fluid leaks. The steering column uses sealed lubricants to prevent wear and enable easy steering.
  • Sometimes, the seals that hold these fluids in place can wear out. When this happens, you may notice fluids pooling under the vehicle, especially when you have kept it parked for a few hours or longer. Screeching, knocking, or crunching sounds. All these issues can point to steering column problems. The solution is to identify and replace the faulty parts.) Unusual tyre wear patterns. Your tyres should wear evenly across the tread surface. When you detect excessive wear along the edges or in the centre of the tyre, this points to a variety of steering column issues. It may also indicate misaligned wheels or improperly inflated tyres.