NHLANHLA “Skosh” Nyembe from Moroka North, Soweto, rides a Kawasaki R1.

Q: When did you buy your bike?

A: This year February.

Q: Is it your first?

A: No, I had two bikes before this one.

My first bike was a Honda 600 followed by Suzuki 1 000.

Q: Is anyone else allowed to ride it?

A: Yes, it must be someone I know very well.

Q: Have you done a long distance trip?

A: Yes. I went to Polokwane and I will be returning there again end of this month for Sopa Yopa event. I also rode to Mbombela in Mpumalanga.

Q: Is this your dream bike?

A: I love my bike too much. But it is not my dream bike. My dream bike is one my friend has, a BMW S1 000. I like the sound it makes.

Every time we ride together I always follow from behind just to listen to the sound of his bike.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: I ride only on weekends unless I have to rush somewhere fast, then I use my bike.

Q: When did you start riding?

A: I started riding early this year. It was a friend of mine Kamo Mafojane who introduced me to riding.

He owns a driving school. So one day he asked me to climb on a bike and taught me what to do and it was amazing.

I was scared and nervous the first time, but that is how we all start.

Q: How often do you get traffic fines?

A: I’ve haven’t got one since I started riding this bike and I want to keep it that way forever. I am a very disciplined and cautious rider.

Q: Do you have a licence for riding?

A: I do.

Q: Tell us about your outfit?

A: We all must own one. It is very important especially when you fall so you don’t sustain too many injuries or pain. It protects you from those things.

Q: Do you belong to a bike club?

A: No, I am a solo rider.