IMAGINE driving down the road and people stopping to appreciate your car.

This is what Orlando Sibiya from Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, experiences behind the wheel.

“It’s a compliment and I really enjoy hearing those words of appreciation,” he said.

Q: What car is this?

A: It’s a Nissan Sentra.

Q: When did you buy it?

A: I bought it in 2014.

Q: Do you have a pet name for it?

A: I still want to give it a name since most people seem to love it. Everywhere I go people want to buy my car and that makes me happy when people appreciate and love my wheels.

Q: What’s special about your car?

A: It’s not only fast and has beautiful rims, it’s also easy on petrol.

Q: Is she your first car?

A: Yes. I love it so much. So far, I’ve been to places like Bushbuckridge and Mahikeng, in North West.

Q: Why do you love this car?

A: It’s spacious and comfy. I want to keep it even if I buy another car.

Q: Is she your dream car?

A: Not really. My dream car is a VW Golf 7.

Q: What features make you happy?

A: The interior and music system. And my plan is to change the exhaust pipes to make them louder.

Q: Does anyone else drive your car?

A: Only my wife, Petunia, can drive my car. No one will treat it as I do.

Q: Any traffic fines?

A: I have none. I only owe the e-toll fees. I’m such a good driver.

Q: What do you think about other road users?

A: I think most drivers are cautious on the road, but taxi drivers are a big headache. They’re a law unto themselves. They need to learn to be calm behind the wheel and to be considerate towards other road users.