The time has come when people will be travelling long distances.

Most of us will be visiting distant relatives and friends for the Easter holidays.

During this period, it’s all about having a great time. And as usual, some people are going to celebrate their Easter holidays by boozing.

In many instances, this ends up at the cost of losing our loved ones as a result of drunken driving.

Throughout the years, the Arrive Alive campaign has been rolled out as a drive by police to eliminate road deaths caused by alcohol and reckless driving.

Our government has been preaching the same gospel every year, but most motorists don’t seem to care.

By the way, government doesn’t need to lecture people about the dangers caused by driving under the influence: if one has a driver’s licence, it simply means you can’t drive while under the influence.

We should stop acting like babies who need to be spoon-fed. Sticking to the rules of the road will ensure we preserve the gift of life. Motorists should always stay sober and not drink and drive. Also, better arrive late than never.

  • Solam Ludidi, Ennerdale